wishes for youuuu ;)

Dear, cute kera ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the 16th,
May be blessed by Him,
Don't be naughty,
Best friends forever,
Excited waiting to see you later this year,

only old photos ;(
hope you are fit and healthy:) Babe, I miss all our memories. too much right? earlier, I saw the pictures last year. oh babe! seriously, I miss you very much! haish! when can we meet? I hope so I can see you later this year:) can we hang out at MCD, Jusco, Burger King and others. I do not forget tapai mak kau! I want to hang out and stay at your home. wah! have dreams:) hope that dreams come true! Okaylah babe. I was tired of this babbler in the middle of the night.
The last verse is: love you yoot 

adam is still adam,

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